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Behavioral Training

We design personally tailored behavioral training programs to nourish healthy relationships with pet companions and their owners for life.

Dogs sitting in a line with their owners holding their leashes
Dogs sitting in a line with their owners holding their leashes


Liverpool Village Animal Hospital is pleased to offer an on-staff certified trainer for the benefit of our clients. Dawn Counterman, CPDT, has worked in the animal field for over sixteen years and is certified in Training and Enrichment. Dawn works closely with our veterinarians to determine an individualized training program for your pet..

We’re here to help you develop the respect that is needed for a healthy relationship while increasing your dog’s confidence and understanding.

Why should my pet go through behavioral training?

At some point, all dog owners need to administer behavior training (also known as behavior modification). Common behavioral problems that may arise in your dog’s life are:

-       Compulsive behaviors

-       Human-directed aggression

-       Inter-pet aggression

-       Fears

-       Separation anxiety

-       Cognitive dysfunction

-       Inappropriate elimination

We offer various behavior training methods to correct undesirable behavior. We’ll help you decide on a behavioral training program that is best for you and your pet.

When should my pet start behavioral training?

We offer a variety of different training options and levels. Whether you want to start your puppy or adult dog in behavioral training, we can work with a dog in any stage of their life. If your pet has a behavior issue related to aggression, private lessons are recommended.

Training your dog requires patience and commitment. During training, it’s beneficial to keep up with the learnings at home, so practice with your dog for a couple of minutes every day.

How do you conduct behavioral training?

We will first begin by conducting a behavioral evaluation. A training evaluation allows our trainers to determine what method and type of training will be most suitable and successful for you, your dog, and your family. We will observe your dog in a natural setting to evaluate and understand their personality as well as their relationship with you. After observing their behavior, we will recommend a program that best fits you and your pet’s needs and goals.

Puppy Socialization Classes

If you have a puppy who is becoming increasingly stubborn, then our puppy socialization class might be right for you. There are a number of great benefits that can help you and your puppy build a stronger relationship. This course includes:

  • Early socialization is the key ingredient for success!

  • Puppies age 8 weeks to 20 weeks are welcome!

  • This comprehensive course covers house-training, problem behaviors, proper exercise and positive reinforcement!

Private Training

Sometimes we have a particular pup that doesn't like to be around other dogs or people. Some dogs have been through certain circumstances that make them a little more difficult to deal with. Here at Liverpool Village Animal Hospital, that is no problem for us. Our private training courses give the hard-to-deal-with pups exactly what they need to gain comfort and loosen up. For this course:

  • All ages and breeds welcome

  • One-on-one, private and personalized sessions

  • All stages of progress welcome. Does your dog need to learn the basics or do you just need a refresher course?

Behavioral Counseling

Behavioral counseling is a more in depth course from our private training. Dig deep with your dog and go on a journey that will bring the both of you closer together. This course includes:

  • All ages and breeds welcome

  • One-on-one, private and personalized sessions

  • Learn how to display leadership skills

  • Learn the skills to provide proper behavior modifications

  • Use positive reinforcement to correct problem behaviors

  • Learn to strengthen the bond with your pet that sometimes weakens when problem behaviors arise